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MAKING RESERVATIONS - You can your reservation or alternatively phone in your reservation by calling (340) 772-2880, or (340) 332-0417. Please provide the first name, height, and weight of each rider.

Already on the island? -- Please make reservations a day or two in advance to avoid disappointment.

We do hold the reservation with a credit card number which confirms your space. For your own security, we prefer that you phone in your credit card number, instead of transmitting it via e-mail. However, when you arrive you MUST pay with either cash or travelers checks, at the rate of $99.00 per person.

You cannot pay by credit card!

If you need to access an ATM machine, the closest are located at FirstBank and Scotiabank, in Frederiksted town on Strand Street across from the Frederiksted Pier.

We must have the truthful weight of each rider; if you are in doubt, please err on the side of overestimation. If the riders are of questionable weight, we have a scale on-site. If a rider is too large for the horse reserved, they may not be able to ride since there may be no large substitutes available.

Larger riders must ride the larger and taller horses. Therefore, they must be in good athletic shape in order to mount. We do not recommend horse riding for overweight persons or the elderly or those with arthritis especially if in the hips.

Our weight limit is as follows:
      Tall women ~> 200 pounds
      Shorter women ~> 180 pounds
      Tall and athletic men ~> 230 pounds

For families with small kids, we need several days notice to set aside a "kid ride" but we do have an assortment of small saddles for your children:

  • Minimum age is 2 years old;
  • 2-3 year olds can fit in front of a slim parent;
  • 4-6 year olds ride on their own horse and are towed by a trail guide;
  • Ages 7 and up are usually competent enough to follow directions and strong enough to pull up on the reins if their mount stops to snack.
We prefer to book timid riders to go along with slower "kid rides," so please mention if you wish a slower or faster ride, and we will try to book you on a compatible ride. We have riding helmets available; they are mandatory for kids under 12 yrs. of age and are highly recommended for riders with short legs.

Cruise Ship Passengers: The MORNING ride is a good match. If the morning ride becomes fully booked, we may open a mid-day ride but only if there is sufficient demand. The afternoon rides are usually not practicable for cruise ship passengers, since most cruise ships require you to re-board the ship by 5 PM.

Regular Customers: Depending on the season and the demand, there may be an AFTERNOON ride, a MORNING ride, or both. Specific check-in times are given when you make your reservation, but the morning ride is late morning and the afternoon ride is usually always after 3PM.

For families with small kids though, we usually recommend the MORNING ride.

You can view and download both sides of our color brochure with all the details about booking:


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