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   Help Support our Animals by Making a Generous Donation!

We will not give them away or take them to the Animal Shelter to have them euthanized, but we can use financial help in feeding, providing medicine and care for our numerous animals. They've got an excellent place to live. Most all our horses were rescued/adopted. All came with medical problems or flaws, and were basically given to us for $1 and a good home. It is the year round maintenance that is difficult to stretch the cash flow through the fall which is the rainy and hurricane season and off-season for vacationer tourists. The larger, thoroughbred type horses needed to carry larger riders need double the feed and maintenance of the island crossbreeds.

As everything has to be shipped to the island, the cost of horse feed, dog and cat food, medicine are exorbitant by mainland United States standards. Rather than take cats and dogs to the pound where they know they will be euthanized, frequently some local islanders decide to abandon their extra unwanted, injured, or malnourished pets in our area knowing that we take care of our animals and they might wander up to our property and find a good home. Being animal lovers, we have thus taken in on average one dog or cat a year for the past twenty years without a choice in the matter. However, with the high costs of feeding and taking care of these animals, we have a hard time keeping up with these costs, and greatly appreciate those with the means to provide assistance in support of our animals.

To donate, pick any day below (it doesn't matter). Please IGNORE the references to "Book Now," "Book online now" and "reservation" -- this is a hard coded description by Fareharbor that could not be modified.

Thank you very much for your support!


Brown bay gelding with a white streak. A tall slim frame ex-race horse from the States, Butch was brought to St. Croix as a 12 year old to compete against 2 year olds. When he didn't win, his owners decided to sell him to us, and after a year he became an excellent riding horse until he was wounded. A trespassing deer hunter stupidly shot Butch in the chest when he saw Butch's eyes reflect at night. We've had Butch on several different antibiotics and his injury heals but reopens with drainage.

Butch is in need of donations for surgery to remove the bullet that plagues him, and he cannot be ridden until he is treated. Donations towards his surgery or additional antibiotics would be a great step towards getting this excellent riding horse back to 100%.


Beautiful stout ex-racehorse about 10 years old, we acquired Wally with two bowed tendons and he reinjuries himself when the weather conditions become very rainy and slippery in his paddock. He is mostly a beautiful pet to pour dollars of feed into.


Large black-brown ex-racehorse with a white diamond marking on his forehead, we should have renamed Black Beauty. He has recurring old racing injuries that lame him up when its wet and muddy.

Genip shares his pasture with Frits and both are plagued with reocurring thrush or foot rot during the rainy season. The structure of their heels and frogs of their feet are conducive to aggravating the situation. The product "New Foot for Fussy Eaters" is pelleted and cures them from inside out but a single container is a very expensive $75 plus shipping.


Frits is our largest horse at 17 hands, he's a chestnut gelding with a big white blaze. Frits is one our best and easiest horses for larger riders, but he has on-and-off lameness and Asthma during rainy season.


Newest addition for 2017, a 2 year old unneutered male dog we named "Polar", a white cream half breed German Shepard slim dog arrived in April scared of people. He was very bony and whole coat was full of mange, now slowly improving. He was abandoned on the beach, and wandered up in our area as an emaciated starving wild dog no one could get near.

Jill set up a feeding spot at the edge of our property as our dogs would run him off if he came into their yard.

By May, eventually, we assimalated him with our other dogs, and were able to approach him while he was fraternizing with our other dogs and put a collar on him. He fought and bit at the leash at first but eventually submitted to a shampoo and mange dip when he realized Jill was not going to hurt him. He has since fit in nicely with the other dogs, and is no longer scared of people.

Polar needs neutering, more mange treatments, Heart wormer, and regular wormer.

"Orangie" and "Darkie"

"Darkie", 1 year, an interesting pattern of leopard spots over dark charcoal gray with black horizontial stripes. He's now tame enough to pet.

"Orangie", an unneutered male wild stray orange tiger about 2 years comes and goes, very lean, needs wormer and does not get close enough to pet. He has been touched a couple times when he's distracted by interacting with our other cats, but runs away from humans. With time, he will be tamed and once neutered he will stay around and gain weight instead of wandering looking for females.


#1 customer greeter -- Very friendly, Buddy hastily races to arriving cars to be the first to greet the customers, almost getting run over in the process. Please be careful when parking.

Buddy is our oldest dog. 10 years ago he arrived as a starving mangy puppy with no hair. He is now a sleek and overweight from sneaking into the horse feed and living in the house. He is not a "regular" dog. As a pitbull mix, we had him neutered at a very young age so he wouldn't develop hany fighting instinct. He does however, hate land crabs and is a proficient hunter of them when they wander near our house after heavy rains. Buddy loves people and being a house dog. He has developed cancerous growths on his skin that need operations to remove.

"Ringleader" and "Shadow"

A wild and skinny pregnant female dog showed up in 2010 and had her puppies in the neighboring pasture alongside the trail ride route. We rescued and tamed the puppies, one red orance and one black.

"Ringleader" is the red-orange sleek short hair male. Very friendly, he loves bringing humans something in his mouth as an offering in search of petting and attention, usually leaves, sticks, or empty cat food cans.

His brother, "Shadow", is a large black-brown pit mix. Shadow sleps most of the time to rest up for his self-appointed task of escorting the trail rides. Shadow likes to cool out by wading out into the shallow water and laying down while the customers are photographed at the beach photo stop.

"Teddy", "Trouble" and "Whitie"

Another pregnant female dog was dropped off in our area, and after feeding her a few times, she had her puppies in the pasture across from our front gate. That litter yielded three puppies in 2011.

"Teddy", male short tail. He has the best hearing of all our dogs, and barks when customers arrive. Teddy is a customer greeter and Jill's protector. "Trouble", female and our resident huntress. She brings home wild chickens that roam the area, and keeps the mourning doves on their toes. "Whitie", born white, turned cream colored, short fat female likes greeting tourists.

"Pogo" and "Justice"

Adopted in 2013, "Justice" and "Pogo" were adopted from Jill's sister when Jennifer let the island to help her daughter raise her infant grandson in the States. "Justice" is our smallest female , a brown and white Jack Russel Terrier mix whowing grey hairs on her face, announces the arrival of customers and then loves small people to pet her.

"Pogo", a petite hound dog cute faced black & tan male with floppy ears loves petting and climbing up on chairs for attention and customers to photograph.

Cats we raised from kittens

"Callie", a bright white, orange and black Calico, champion bird catcher, struts around the customers and dogs at check-in.

"Peebles", a neutered male black and white. Paul's first favorite cat, likes to ride in the truck on the property and listen to music.

"Gray gray", a brown and pepper gray speckled, Paul's second favorite cat, follows Paul around and prefers the air conditioning bedroom when it gets hot outside. The consummate indecisive, he likes asking to be let out one door of the house only to run around and beg to be let back in the other door in under two minutes.

"Yoda", a siamese calico, lives in the wild but comes for feeding and water every day or two when she gets tired of hunting birds or mice.

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